“Peter was masterful in mediating two difficult disputes that I was involved in as counsel. The first arose out of a probate matter involving family members who were accusing each other of serious wrongdoing. Considerable assets were at stake. Not only were the parties all charged up, but one of the lawyers did more harm than good in creating dissention. Peter was unflappable. He showed no bias, and ultimately the parties accepted his analysis. He helped resolve a case I did not think was likely to settle.”
“The second case was a legal malpractice action where the plaintiff was quite aggressive and emotional in the face of some solid defenses. Peter gained the respect of the parties with his clear and unbiased analysis not only of the facts and law, but of the costs, both monetary and emotional, of carrying on with the litigation. Peter not only resolved the case, but stayed involved after the mediation to make sure that it was not undone by complications that later developed.”
“Peter is bright and analytical. He is always well prepared. Unlike some mediators, particularly some retired judges, he does not inject his ego into the negotiations. And he is a quick study, getting to the heart of the case in short order. He listens, and is eager to do so, knowing that allowing the parties to be heard is an important part of the process, not just to getting the facts, but allowing them to vent and tell their story so that emotionally they can move forward.”
“Peter is one of the best mediators — if not the best mediator — in Connecticut.”– Attorney James F. Sullivan, Hartford, CT, Co-Author of the volume, Connecticut Legal Ethics and Malpractice

“Peter is an extraordinarily bright and capable lawyer with a demeanor and people skills perfect for mediation, and with an ability to objectively master complexity perfect for arbitration. I worked closely with Peter for over 25 years as partners together at Shipman & Goodwin, LLP, and there is no more determined and resourceful attorney I know. He quickly earned the confidence of clients and adversaries, which speaks to his presentation as fair and approachable. Because of these features, he gets the job done. He helped me and our clients through many difficult situations. I could not recommend Peter more highly, especially for the most difficult case. He has worked on cases with tens and hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, as well as those that involve difficult human challenges. There is no mediator with more intelligence, diligence and touch with tough problems.”– James W. Bergenn, Partner, Shipman & Goodwin, LLP, Hartford, CT

“Peter was excellent in bringing two parties together in an acrimonious and complex suit. He was able to get them to settle even after one side left the mediation abandoned the process. I keep Peter in mind for all cases now.”– Eric Faber, Oakland, CA

“My clients and I have been completely satisfied with Attorney Peter Benner’s services as a mediator on several matters. I have found him to be thoroughly prepared, patient and perseverant. Attorney Benner’s ability to engender trust in himself and the mediation process significantly improves the potential for the most steadfast litigants to resolve disputes.”– Neil Murphy, Farmington, CT