For Attorneys and Their Clients

Peter’s depth and quality of experience and full-time commitment to dispute resolution offers a tremendous resource to attorneys seeking to obtain the best results for their clients. Peter depth of knowledge of and facility with various processes, combined with firm and expert case management, produce ultimate cost-effectiveness and positive results.Read More

For Individuals in Disputes

Peter offers services directly to individuals to assist in the resolution of their disputes. These disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively, without the cost and burden of litigation, allowing the parties to put the dispute behind them through an effective process. There are cases in which retention of counsel is either unnecessary or cost prohibitive.Read More


Peter is a highly experienced, accomplished mediator. Please call or email for a complimentary initial consultation about how Peter can help you resolve your dispute through a positive mediation process. Mediation: is a growing and powerful resolution method. It is entirely consensual, and the parties cannot be bound by a resolution unless they consent, having fully engaged in and contributed to the process.Read More


Peter has presided over any number of arbitrations, large and small, and is available on a sliding scale cost basis that provides for a fair, insightful and final resolution of the dispute with far less expense and time than litigation. In person, video or written hearings and submissions are possible, depending on what is most suitable and cost effective for you case.Read More

Dispute Resolution Consulting

Peter provides services to clients to help them find the best and most favorable means of resolving a dispute, not as a neutral, rather as a confidential adviser. Dispute resolution has become a profession unto itself–assisting individuals and businesses in the management of conflicts to obtain a positive outcome. Capable trial counsel is, of necessity, focused on the litigation process.Read More

Training — Conflict Prevention and Management

Within healthcare, conflict is inevitable, as in any industry. Developing the competence to minimize the occurrence of disputes and manage them most effectively when they occur is a critical skill. Peter works with individuals and groups in healthcare organizations to develop those skills and enable improved function and performance.Read More