Focus on Interests to Increase Chances of Success and Reach the Best Outcome

The key to successful dispute resolution is knowing when and how to formulate and implement positive and productive approaches. Advanced resolution methods which explore interests, evaluate options, promote understanding and create value can yield remarkable results. It takes experience with such a process to perceive fully the scope of the possibilities. Disputes simply do not have to be a drain on resources and a cause for uncertainty. Conflict, which will occur in any enterprise, can be an opportunity to advance your objectives.

Innovative approaches and skilled assistance with conflict resolution will make the difference both in time and money expended and the result achieved. In the litigation context, the fact is that the substantial majority of disputes will not reach the point of a trial and will benefit from timely involvement of a third party neutral to bring a case to a conclusion fitting, and even advantageous, to all parties.

Processes alternative to litigation, most notably mediation, are proven to uncover value that is more difficult to discover in unassisted negotiation and is simply not available in the win/lose of a trial or other adjudication.

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