Healthcare Disputes

Healthcare disputes are growing in number and scope as the healthcare system becomes increasingly complex. Time and efficiency constraints challenge participants in the system to avoid the drain of time and expense of resolving inevitable conflicts which detract from the central focus of patient care. Continuing, interdependent relationships require both greater conflict competence and the speedy, cost-effective and fair resolution of disputes.

My broad background in the healthcare field and depth of experience in resolving a wide range of such conflicts enables me to help you find a way through your dispute—as a trainer, consultant or third party neutral–with a minimum of expense and distraction, while allowing for a positive, sensible result.

Type of disputes in healthcare include:

  • payer/provider contract disputes which call for arbitration, and may well be suitable for early mediation to maintain the relationship;
  • conflicts within Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) under the Affordable Care Act;
  • alleged medical error and malpractice;
  • disputes between and among physicians and other providers, including practice management and or separation;
  • elder care and end of life issues and matters relating to care and financial capacity of an aging parent or other relative;
  • peer review or discipline issues within hospitals or other provider organizations.

Mediation offers a process that gets right to the heart of the issues and the needs of the parties to move forward with their businesses, their practices, and in the case of individuals and families, their lives.