For Attorneys and Their Clients

Peter’s depth and quality of experience and full-time commitment to dispute resolution offers a tremendous resource to attorneys seeking to obtain the best results for their clients. Peter depth of knowledge of and facility with various processes, combined with firm and expert case management, produce ultimate cost-effectiveness and positive results.

Peter concentrates in the healthcare field in which he has a depth of knowledge and experience, understanding the challenges faced by the various participants in the system, both for healthcare business executives as well as clinicians.

Peter is also available for cases involving general business disputes, including family businesses, as his style of mediation and strong process skills suit a wide variety of matters and interests.

In excess of 90 percent of disputes are settled. Engaging a professional with Peter’s high level of success, dedication and capability in assisting attorneys to reach the best results possible, as early in a case as possible, allows those settlements to accomplish maximum client benefit and loyalty.

Peter provides three types of services to attorneys:

  • As a mediator
  • As an arbitrator
  • To consult on resolution strategies in particularly difficult cases for which substantial value can be obtained by expert input
  • Training, to provide individuals and organizations, particularly within healthcare, the conflict prevention and management competence that lead to a higher level of function and performance, while eliminating substantial cost.

You can retain Peter directly (see contact information) or through dispute resolution provider services on which Peter serves on their panels:

  • American Arbitration Association (Commercial and Healthcare)
  • American Healthcare Association Resolvers Panel
  • American Dispute Resolution Center

Rates and overall cost are designed to encourage use of the most effective processes and offer opportunities for fast, less costly and better results.