Dispute Resolution Consulting

Peter provides services to clients to help them find the best and most favorable means of resolving a dispute, not as a neutral, rather as a confidential adviser.

Dispute resolution has become a profession unto itself–assisting individuals and businesses in the management of conflicts to obtain a positive outcome. Capable trial counsel is, of necessity, focused on the litigation process. Evaluation and assistance in managing a dispute solely for the purpose of helping create a process that advances underlying interests is a separate and distinct, and potentially valuable, role.

Developing and implementing the right process for resolution, working closely with litigation counsel and the client, can be an invaluable means of finding solutions more quickly and of greater insight and creativity than operating only from a purely litigation oriented framework. This role can be a part of an organization’s overall strategy to improve business success and reduce cost of reaching a solution.

Conflict has a natural tendency to escalate, as it usually does within the current litigation system. Taking charge of the case early on by developing the best process to pursue alternatives to protracted litigation and trial, assisted by an experienced, adept dispute resolution professional, can improve results, significantly reduce costs and lead to a faster result.

As a dispute resolution consultant Peter approaches each case from the perspective that the right process can substantially advance the case toward a more efficient, less costly, better and faster results.

As an independent practitioner, Peter is able to think and work at the cutting edge of dispute resolution, which continues to evolve. His aptitude for assisting clients, as they navigate complicated and intractable disputes to find outcomes significantly superior and less expensive than litigation, is a major benefit to his clients.