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Current email blast in monthly continuing series

‘Innovations in Mediation and Arbitration–You Can Use’ Improve Litigation Results and Boost Client Satisfaction March 2014 This is the second monthly letter in a continuing series. The goal is to plant or reinforce ideas that you may not have fully considered and that you can use immediately to have a direct, positive impact on your practice. As I have said, the time is now to do even more to address the pressures and relieve the constraints that lawyers, and their clients, are under. Convert “ADR” from an “Alarming Drop in... Read More

Thinking, Fast and Slow

An extraordinary book by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman. Not an easy read, but it will change, for the better, how you think about thinking. The insights can be applied in any number of situations we encounter, including how people react to conflict. Assimilating the concepts that Kahneman presents can make you more effective in confronting and resolving disputes. I will post more about his specific research findings directly related to meditations.
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