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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Litigators

Peter W. Benner Several months ago I published here a column entitled “Think Different About Business Disputes”, borrowing the “Think Different” tag from innovators Steve Jobs and Apple.  That article recognized that Thinking different is hard.  It can be risky.  Yet, tremendous opportunity and positive results, at much lower cost, can come from redirecting the focus of both counsel’s and the client’s attention early in the case toward direct interactions to explore mutual interests and means of achieving them, in parallel to adversary processes…  There is room—and a need—for this... Read More

7 Habits of Highly Effective Litigators

Borrowing rom Stephen Covey, consider the following “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Litigators” that can have a positive impact on the cost and outcomes of cases and will improve a litigator’s caseload management. After all, the litigator’s job, as a zealous advocate, is to get the best result for her/his client at the lowest cost. These are some “habits” that you might not have fully considered or practiced to get there. 1. Mediate early in the case. The practice of engaging a mediator at the outset of a dispute remains... Read More

Email Bulletin February, 2014; Improving Litigation Results and Boosting Client Satisfaction

The time is now to do even more to address the pressures and relieve the constraints that lawyers, and their clients, are under. Convert “ADR” from an “Alarming Drop in Revenue” to “Achieve Dazzling Results”--and repeat business (Truly) I have been writing in the Connecticut Law Tribune and elsewhere about developing best practices in dispute resolution. A prime objective of mine as a mediator and arbitrator is to advance the implementation of those practices–further enabling attorneys to achieve even better results for their clients with less cost and delay, as... Read More