Business Disputes, Including Small and Family Businesses

Mediation is a process naturally suited to the resolution of virtually any business dispute. It offers an efficient, affordable method by which disputing parties can settle business issues and move forward with their relationship. This is especially important to avoid the animosity brought on by litigation whenever a relationship has continuing value.

Parties enter into a business relationship because each wants something from the other. If the relationship is not serving that purpose for any party, a dispute will arise. When that happens, we know from experience that there is little, if any, likelihood that the dispute will be reach a trial—that’s too costly and entails unacceptable risk. Business disputes are settled for business reasons by business people—and mediation is almost always the quickest and more effective way to make that happen.

That is all the more so for disputes involving small and family business where resources are more limited, time is all the more of the essence, and preserving relationships is critical to success, if not survival. Emotions can play a central role here, so you need a mediator who is experienced and skilled in dealing with both the business and personal issues that underlie the dispute.