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Reasons for Co-Mediation of Med Mal Claims

Here are the reasons that co-mediation, described in a earlier post, with a physician and facilitative mediator can improve both the process and outcome compared to other approaches, and particularly to the quagmire of litigation: • First and foremost, this approach can effectively address perhaps the most critical element of any injury claim, and that is ensuring that legitimate claims are compensated reasonably and fairly, non-meritorious claims are identified and addressed accordingly, and the parties to the process feel that their voices have been heard and their interests met. Mediation... Read More

Solving the Med-Mal Riddle Through Co-Mediation

Consider a new approach to the review and resolution of difficult medical malpractice claims alternative to the courts that does not require legislation.  The following co-mediation model offers and alternative to the present system only with the consent of  the current players.. As with any voluntary system, the incentive to opt in must be great enough to encourage active and good faith participation. So the system must be designed to remedy the current problems, meet the needs and address the misgivings of the participants, and have sufficient flexibility to allow for adjustments as... Read More