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Email Bulletin February, 2014; Improving Litigation Results and Boosting Client Satisfaction

The time is now to do even more to address the pressures and relieve the constraints that lawyers, and their clients, are under. Convert “ADR” from an “Alarming Drop in Revenue” to “Achieve Dazzling Results”--and repeat business (Truly) I have been writing in the Connecticut Law Tribune and elsewhere about developing best practices in dispute resolution. A prime objective of mine as a mediator and arbitrator is to advance the implementation of those practices–further enabling attorneys to achieve even better results for their clients with less cost and delay, as... Read More

A look ahead to 2014 in Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution practices are moving in a decidedly positive direction as the term “alternative” becomes outmoded. Approaches other than a default to litigation have become mainstream. These trends will continue to develop as we move into 2014: Focus on Interests. Mediation finds its way into most cases now, as attorneys find they can obtain superior results for their clients and more effectively manage their own litigation practices. There remains a primary reliance on evaluative forms of mediation, expecting the mediator to predict the outcome in court or put a “value”... Read More

Game changing new AAA Commercial Rules

The tide of arbitration is shifting toward a less expensive, more efficient process. That wave has been building for a while, as users increasingly have lamented the fact that arbitration had become a clone of litigation, with extensive discovery and motion practice, combative advocacy and cases that dragged on while costs and contentious mounted. Providers of arbitration services and commentators have been aware of the predicament for years. Their entreaties to simplify the process and return to the original purpose of arbitration, in order to offer an expedited alternative to... Read More